KLM's New Flight Policy: An Overview

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KLM's New Flight Policy: An Overview

Сообщение arnoldtrevorr » 08 апр 2022, 14:15

Here's an overview of KLM's flight cancellation policy —

* You are able to make changes to your booking to the new flight date, class of service, as well as the flight route or destination, according to the KLM change policy.

* According to the KLM name change policy, you are not authorised to alter the passenger's name to that of another. However, at no extra charge, just three characters of name correction are allowed.

* The cost of a KLM flight change includes a flight change charge and, if applicable, a price difference.

* The KLM change flight date policy applies exclusively to non-restricted prices.

* Changes to KLM flight dates or destinations are only available for tickets purchased on the airline's website, by calling the KLM customer care hotline, or at the airport counter.

* According to KLM's schedule modification policy, there will be no change charge or fare difference. Passengers have up to 7 days from the original departure date to rebook or rearrange their flight.

* You are not permitted to switch your KLM reservation with another airline, according to KLM's change booking policy.

* All KLM rates and service grades are rebookable. KLM's short, medium, and long-haul flights are all affected.

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