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Finnair Flight Changes Online

Добавлено: 08 апр 2022, 14:18
Passengers can make changes to their Finnair reservations online by following these easy instructions –

* Go to finnair.com and select 'Manage Booking' from the drop-down menu.
* Enter the booking confirmation, which consists of 6 characters, as well as the passenger's last name. To access the booking, click the 'Search' option.
* Choose the flight itinerary for which the adjustments are needed.
* Select 'Change' from the drop-down menu and enter new travel dates, flight times, or destinations, or a combination of all three.
* Depending on your travel preferences and availability, select a different flight option.
* All flight changes are subject to a Finnair change charge, as well as any relevant cost difference, according to Finnair's flight change policy.
* To complete the flight adjustments, pay the applicable Finnair change booking fee with a debit/credit card at the checkout page.
* Passengers will get a confirmation of their Finnair change booking via email as the transaction is finished.

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